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Mourne Aquathlon Race Brief

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Mourne Aquathlon Race Brief

Hello athletes,

All of us at Olympian Triathlon Club are looking forward to hosting the inaugural Mourne Aquathlon on Saturday 2nd July at Castlewellan Forest Park, County Down.

We are delighted to be hosting this years Triathlon Ireland’s National Aquathlon Championships. (Senior & Children’s races)

Please see race briefing below.

See you all bright an breezy on Saturday 2nd July.

Team OTC.



Dear Athletes,

We hope your preparations are going well and we look forward to welcoming you to the 2016 Mourne Aquathlon. 

We would like to bring the following specific details to your attention.

As a competitor or parent it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the information below.

Registration for ALL races opens Saturday 2nd July @ 8:00am

Please drive into Castlewellan Forest Park making your way round to the park hut where the lovely park wardens will direct you to the main car park facilities. Also on entering the park don’t panic if you don’t have any spare change…..Competitors will not be subject to park entry fees. We’ve that covered for you! 

Please park respectfully and be mindful of other park users.

From the car park please make your way to the main Courtyard where you can register for the event.

Registration will close at 9:15am for the children’s race & 10:15am for the Junior / Senior race. 

Please do not be late …….we can not wait!


IMPORTANT: Remember remember your 2016 Triathlon Ireland (TI) membership card with you on race day. No screenshots on your phone please! We need to see your card with your lovely face on it! 

If you do not have a full TI membership card you must purchase a one day licence (ODL) from Triathlon Ireland before the race. Please see information on the TI website. 

ONE DAY MEMBERSHIP = insurance cover – third party and personal accident cover while racing in a TI sanctioned event.

Aquathlon – adult €15

€5 per child

Please print off you ODL and bring it on race day along with photographic ID.

*Please not: You can not purchase a ODL on the morning of the event*

No licence No Race!

*Parents / guardians will be required to sign a waiver/ consent form, for all Child competitors*


Transition opens from 8am

Closes at – Children’s race 9:40am for Race brief 9:45am RACE START at 10AM.

                  – Junior / Senior race 10:40am for race brief at 10:45am RACE START at 11AM.

Only competitors will be allowed into transition.

Athletes are permitted to bring a plastic box large enough to carry & store their race gear only (i.e. wetsuit/trainers/running clothes/race belt) – this box can be numbered & placed at the competitors number slot & will remain in this position throughout the race.

All gear must be safely & securely placed into the box before exiting transition. 

No bags will be permitted in Transition. 

Children’s race – youngest age group will be located closest to transition entry point. 

Please be mindful of other athletes in transition when setting up your gear and during transition from Swim to Run. 




Wetsuits are mandatory for all athletes regardless of age or swim proficiency. Racing with booties or any other water aids will not be allowed.

All athletes will be provided with a specific swim hat that must be worn – some athletes like to wear 2 hats, if so please ensure that the hat you are given at registration is on top.

Incorrect hat = no race.


When exiting transition for the run course, your race number must be visible and worn to the front.

Children’s race– exit transition and turn left and follow run route on gravel path around grass area in front of Castlwellan Castle.

Junior / Senior race (5km) – exit transition and turn right. Make your way across tarmac road onto the lakeside gravel path.

You will run in a clockwise direction around the lake with a dog leg – do not miss this section of the course! We are watching you!

There will be a timing mat at this furthest point to ensure all athletes compete the full distance. Those who do not will be disqualified from the race. We don’t like cheaters! 

NO additional water will be provided at the start of the race so you need to be responsible for making sure you are well hydrated – take your own water / fluids with you. There will be a water station on the run course and at the finish line.

Picture below – Swim/Run course for Junior & Senior races. 



Please note that parents/ guardians and competitors will be expected to act accordingly and obey the requests and instructions of marshals at all times.

The child must have turned the appropriate age for that group by 31 December 2016

Registration open 8am closes 9:15am

Race Briefing: 9:45am

Race Start: 10am

Head Race Marshals: Heather Bamford and Anna Mageean

Age groups

8-9 yrs.  – 150m swim / 900m run (10am)

10-11      – 250m swim / 2.5km run (Approx 10:05am)

12-13      – 350m swim / 3km run (Approx 10:10)

14-15      – 450m swim / 3.5 km (Approx 10:15)

Please be aware: Distances may vary slightly. 

All Children must hold a race licence – see info previously. 

Children’s Swim course:-

Wetsuits are mandatory for all athletes regardless of age or swim proficiency. Racing with booties or any other water aids will not be allowed.

All athletes will be provided with a specific swim hat that must be worn – some athletes like to wear 2 hats, if so please ensure that the hat you are given at registration is on top.

Incorrect hat = no race.

Children’s Run course:- 

When exiting transition for the run course, your race number must be visible and worn to the front.

Children’s race– exit transition and turn left and follow run route on gravel path around grass area in front of Castlwellan Castle.

8-9 yrs : 1 lap

10-11yrs: 3 laps

12-13yrs: 4 laps

14-15yrs: 5 laps

Run lap = 670m + approximately 340m up to the finish line. 

Children will complete the required number of laps 

Please note: 

Each age group will have an allocated ‘lead marshal’  (LM) who parents / children will be meet prior to starting.

LM’s will agree a central meet up point for drop off prior to race / pick up after race with parents & racers.

Each LM will have a list of their racers names, NOK & contact number / be aware of any medical conditions / need for any medications etc & will hold this information in case of an emergency. 

Parents will be given LM mobile number. 

LM’s will responsible for tracking each competitors progress / in & out of water / through transition and at finish line.

Parents Please Note:

For the safety and smooth running of the Children’s Aquathlon there is to be NO parental interaction with athletes beyond the racing line at any stage (swim, transition or on the run course). Please adhere to the requests of the race marshals at all times during the race. 

We know you like to see your kiddies do well but over keen mummies & daddies can be intimidating & become an obstruction to other competitors –  this is neither fun nor fair! 

For the less experienced child it may be worth while talking through the race & practising transition prior to race day. Marshals will be able to help competitors if necessary in transition, but no parental assistance will be tolerated.


The Finish Zone is an athlete ONLY area, please do not enter the athlete only area looking for your young athletes as this will cause congestion on the day. This area will be strictly marshalled. Please stick to the meet up point agreed with the age group leader.


Relay Teams made up of X 1 Swimmer and x 1 Runner.

One member of the team is required to have a TI Licence or ODL racing licence, preferably the swimmer.

Swimmers will meet the runners in Transition area. Runners will wait at a designated point in transition for swimmer to hand over the timing chip. All other information regarding the registration, race route, briefings for relay athletes is the same as the individual course information. 


In the water, if you are experiencing any difficulty, lie on your back and raise your hand in the air. A kayak will come over to you as soon as possible. Gently grasp on to the board, or the bow ball while you gather yourself. If you feel you cannot continue, the kayaker will assist you back to dry land. 

If you do not complete the swim, please make your way as soon as you can to the finish line marshal and report your race number. You may continue on the run course and complete the race (if you were not pulled from the water for medical reasons) and receive a finish time but you will not get an official place.


Please remember – Marshals and volunteers have given up their weekend to assist with making your race as safe and enjoyable as possible. Please note that any abuse of the marshals or volunteers will be viewed in the strictest manner and will result in an automatic DQ for the offending athlete. Any comments or queries can be discussed with the Race Director and Technical Officials at the end of the race.

Please follow the instructions of marshals at all times & be nice to each other 😀


Castlewellan Forest Park is an area of natural beauty, please enjoy and respect it. Littering of any kind in registration/ transition/ race route/ general park area will not be tolerated. 

The run course is around Castlewellan lake which is considered a public park area. 

Please do not drop empty gel sachets on the path. Please hold onto all used gel sachets and dispose of in bins provided. If you can take it out of your pocket you can put it back into your pocket 👌


Post Race there will be light refreshments available in the courtyard area for all athletes. 

Children’s approximately from 11:30am  / Junior & senior approximately from 12noon.


Children’s race – Triathlon Ireland medals will be presented to 1st / 2nd / 3rd in each age group on race day. 

Prize giving for the junior/ senior race will commence at approximately 12:30pm in the finish area with overall male and female being crowned ‘Triathlon Ireland’s National Aquathlon Champion.’ Official medals will be presented to seniors at the end of year Triathlon Ireland awards dinner. 

We are looking forward to seeing you on race day. 

Remember to be safe, enjoy the race and smile for the camera 😀

Any queries can be directed to – 

Facebook messenger: Mourne Aquathlon 



Thank you for supporting Mourne Aquathlon and we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who have provided prizes

Team OTC


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