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Kevin Morgan

📁 OTC Triathletes 🕔12.March 2017









What inspired you to try a triathlon?

Was retiring as a mediocre runner and decided to dabble in triathlon to keep fit.

Where and when was your first triathlon? What was the distance?

Lisburn Triathlon 1984… started on old Lisburn pool… roughly current sprint distance

Do you have a favourite race?

Favourite completed races were winning Irish Championship in Sligo Half-Ironman 1990 and

finishing 2nd in age group in Ironman World Championships, Hawai’i 1998

One piece of advice you would give a triathlon newbie

Get a divorce and let the other half keep the kids

Where’s your favourite place to ride your bike?

Up the climb from Wangyu to Wawu Shan, Sichuan, China… 10km of perfect road in stunning surroundings and, if you’re unlucky, you might meet one car.

Ironman – Yes/No/Again?

Knees are bone against bone, so no. 9h45m in Roth will have to do this side of reincarnation.

What do you do in the real world, outside triathlon?

Read, teach some maths, take some photos, enjoy grandkids, watch YouTube, irritate people

What’s next for you in 2017?

Cardiology appointment



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