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Emma Dickson

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What inspired you to try a triathlon?
Right place right time !

I was lucky to live in London in 2012 , so got the chance to be a part of the buzz that was around the Olympic Games that year . It seemed like everyone was trying new things , and pushing themselves outside their limit ! I was one of those people who pledged I would try a new sport , I decided on triathlon, why? An ex boyfriend said I would never be fit enough so I did it , and he didn’t !( sorry had to get it in there 😉 Here I am 3 years later still doing it! Still Slowly !

Where and when was your first triathlon? What was the distance?

At that time in London I was also a member of Wimbledon windmillers ( amazing cross country running club) . Each year they did the ” Womble triathlon” a brilliant super sprint triathlon aimed at the newbie , so after a push from a lovely Alaskan guy, I signed up for my first Supersprint in 2013 . Doing 420m of the pool was hell , followed by 11.5 km cycle round Wimbledon village which I thought was the hilliest place on earth ( it wasn’t it was nearly flat !) and the longest 5km run ever !!I still remember that day clearly , I was soo proud of myself to complete it , it continued from there !

Do you have a favourite race?
Limavady! It’s my home town it has theeeee worst hill of all ..but great support, great atmosphere and the best goodie bag !! Dublin 70.3 is also great! the most beautiful swim I have ever encountered !

One piece of advice you would give a triathlon newbie

Tri it !
Don’t be intimidated by Triathlon, the people , their fancy bikes or how fast they are !! You are running your own race so do it at your own pace !

Where’s your favourite place to ride your bike?

On the “scone run” with Donna and Frances to daft eddies.

70.3 – absolutely! It is one of the things in my life to date I am really proud of! I know how much hard work I put into it! There is no hiding your weaknesses in the sport of triathlon , they are on display for all to see. If you use desi’s mantra of make those weaknesses into strengths by working on it , then you can carry that pretty much everywhere !

What do you do in the real world, outside triathlon?
I’m a GP- Tri to get people to Tri all the time ….

What’s next for you in 2017?

Who knows … took up an art class and dance class ? Does that count ?

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